Mathematics is
the language that machines speak

GGSJ Centre was established in 2018 by University of Toronto academics

to leverage the international University network

helping companies and individuals

deal with the challenges and opportunities of

the digital transformation

If I’d ask customers what they wanted, they would’ve told me a faster horse.’

Henry Ford

It’s all about others

Guru Gobind Singh Ji (GGSJ)

GGSJ Schools

Our educational programs are designed to bring successful careers to our students and talent to our industrial sponsors


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GGSJ Research

Our research portfolio sets the foundation for innovative solutions to society


GGSJ Research


Our events portfolio is designed to encourage collaboration and provide networking opportunities for our students with potential employers

GGSJ Events


Our research on the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic and health impact aims to provide governments to optimal decision frameworks for public confinement measures.


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The Ubiquity of Mathematics

From a tool to understand the world around us, to the language that machine speak, Mathematics has evolved over time to become our companion no matter what we do.


hedge funds

New investor trends demand enhanced transparency, risk management in real time, fee alignment, cost control and in short, a new way to invest that is redefining the asset management industry.


Investing and risk

A love hate relationship, you can’t invest without taking risks, and the risks you take determine the profitability to expect. This is the maxim driving quantitative finance innovation today.